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DC Campaign Management, LLC

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Campaign and Project Management

DC Campaign Management is a full service Campaign Strategy and Project Management Firm. We are a ready-to-go team of veteran campaign professionals equipped with the skills, experience, and instinct it takes to win. 


Contacting donors and making appeals for contributions is a strenuous but vital aspect of campaigning. DC Campaign Management is experienced in managing call time, targeting donors, and fundraising setup. 


Knowledge is power. Whether it's knowing everything there is to know about an opponent, or making sense of census data and voting trends, our researchers are a valuable resource for any campaign. 

Field and Direct Marketing

The fastest route between two points is a straight line. We put our clients in direct contact with the people who matter most- the consumer. Whether you're running for office, rebranding your business, or simply looking to boost sales and exposure, we can help. 


From web design to social media management, DC Campaign Management can help you run a 21st century campaign by having a robust and well-done digital presence. 

Compliance and Reporting

Whether you're running for office or running a non-profit or political committee, we will ensure compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations and file appropriate reports on our clients' behalves.